Change default fonts in Eclipse 4.X

08 Nov 2013 » {[{categoryPostCurrent}]}

Probably have you discover that when you are using eclipse under a linux platform, the tab font are very huge and take so much place. The following tips allow you to override this ugly behaviour modifying the default CSS in the eclipse configuration.

By default, the tabs look like this: eclipse-01

  • we are going to modify the file e4_default_gtk.css placed under the directory $ECLIPSE_DIRECTORY/plugins/org.eclipse.platform_4.3.1.v20130911-1000/css.

  • To do that, search for the css .MPartStack selector and add or change the font-size attribute as follow:

    .MPartStack {
                font-size: 9;
                swt-simple: false;
                swt-mru-visible: false;

After applying the previous tip, tabs might look like this: eclipse-01

Here, you can see that tabs are littlest.

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